FC Sandpurge Psyllium Pellets 5#

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First Companion Sand Purge Pellets 10 Pound

SKU: 09935500128

Product Category: Equine Supplements

Manufacturers: First Companion Veterinary Products

Supplemental Source of Natural Psyllium Fiber for all classes of horses. Recommended to support healthy gut function, removal of sand from the colon and to reduce the possibility of sand colic in horses. Miracle Sand Out Pellets Psyllium Fiber contains 99% Psyllium seed husk, which is a highly soluble natural plant fiber that increases ration bulk and forms into a gelatinous substance in the horse's gut. This substance absorbs sand and other harmful residues as it passes trough the digestive tract. Psyllium contains more soluble fiber than oat bran and wheat bran combined. Apple and molasses flavoring have been added for palatability.

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