Farnam Super 14 3#

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Farnam Super 14 3 Pound

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Product Category: Pet Products, Equine Supplements

Manufacturers: Farnam

Super 14™ Contains protein, methionine, vegetable fat, fiber, ash, selenium, vitamins A, E and B-6 in the guaranteed analysis Contains polyunsaturated fatty acids plus vitamin E and vitamin B-6 to leave skin healthy, coats sleek and glossy Sprinkle Super 14 in the feed and it will put a show coat on your horse or dog in just 30 days Specially flavored so animals love the taste Available in 3 lb, 6.5 lb and 20 lb sizes Directions for Use Super 14™ DIRECTIONS Measuring Cup = 1 Tablespoon FOR HORSES: Feed 2-3 tablespoons of Super 14 twice daily with the feed - once in the morning and once again in the evening. Sprinkle this amount over the feed or mix with the ration. FOR DOGS AND CATS: Sprinkle Super 14 over the pet's ration once each day in the proper amount indicated below: Weight of Pet Amount per Day Up to 15 lbs 1/2 level Tablespoon 15 to 30 lbs 1 level Tablespoon 30 to 60 lbs 2 level Tablespoons Over 60 lbs 3 level Tablespoons
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