Stayon's Leg Poultice Wrap 4Ct

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Stayon's Poultice leg Wrap 4 Pack

SKU: 85169000001

Product Category: Farrier Supplies, Wound Care Products

Manufacturers: Stayons

Stayons Poultice Leg Wraps allow clean, rapid application and no-mess removal of a wet clay and Epsom salt poultice. Each wrap is constructed of a unique fiber paper matrix that seals the dry poultice within a number of quilted pockets. Activate the poultice by soaking it in water for 15-20 seconds. The result is a gel poultice mixture that remains in place, holds moisture for an extended time, and provides excellent contact with the leg. Wrap snuggly around the leg and cover with a stable bandage or shipping bandage to secure. Also compatible with the Stayons Knee/Hock Support Wrap for alternate use. Stayons Poultice Leg Wraps contain bentonite and kaolin clays plus Epsom salt in an organic base that creates an extraordinary contact gel when activated by water.

Stayons Poultice Leg Wraps can be used whenever heat in the legs is a concern. Ideal after competition and heavy work, or at times of general soreness, inflammation, or bruising. For dual-action therapy, soak the wrap in ice water for immediate support of acute injury or inflammatory conditions. Wraps remain wet for an extended period. Check in 18-24 hours. If the wrap is still moist, it may be re-wrapped for additional poultice time. Once wraps have dried, they can't be reactivated. When complete, simply remove the wrap. Wash up is minimal and sometimes unnecessary.


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