Won Pad Exotics Zebra Regular Vent

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Won Pad Exotics Zebra Regular Vent

SKU: WPXZ-Regular

Product Category: Tack & Accessories

Manufacturers: The Rope Shop

Our Exotic Series WonPads feature full-length wear leathers in many different patterns and colors. These 100% cowhide leather hides have been embossed, stamped and/or colored to achieve the desired results, as pictured.

Exotic WonPads are created with 1" felt, 4mm neoprene, and full length wear leathers. Available only in a 30" x 32" with small round corners.

Choose your vent.

Regular Vent - Three vent holes down the spine of the pad.

Flex Vent - One 6" wither vent, and 4, 6" cross vents (perpendicular to the spine). The flex vent is designed to fit a higher wither horse (more contoured style).

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