EQ Solutions Truck 7 Trailer Wash 32oz

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Eq Solutions Truck And Trailer Wash 32 Ounce

SKU: 6382790632

Product Category: Grooming Products

Manufacturers: EQ Solution

EQ Solutions Truck & Trailer Wash is an all natural, foam on, readily biodegradable wash for trucks, trailers and other vehicles. EQ Solutions Truck & Trailer Wash: helps remove and inhibit rust, helps eliminate hard water deposits, is safe for use on paint, clearcoat, plastic, decals, rubber and all metals, and can be used with a pump sprayer, EQ Solutions Foaming Tool, or pressure washer. EQ Solutions Truck & Trailer Wash deeply penetrates into all of the hard to clean areas of your vehicles and equipment. When foamed on and lightly scrubbed, it will help release dirt, grease, road grime, salts and stains while protecting and enhancing the finish and shine following rinsing. EQ Truck & Trailer Wash is designed to be dispensed through the EQ Foaming Tool. Simply pour the Truck & Trailer Wash into the applicator, attach to a hose and apply to your vehicle and lightly brush. Once complete, detach the spray nozzle and rinse thoroughly. Apply Foam Lightly Brush Rinse Thoroughly

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