Evergreen Ensure 5#

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Evergreen Ensure 5 Pound

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A 10 LBS. Bucket of INSURE provides for a 80 day supply. Description WHY ARE MINERALS IMPORTANT? Horses are athletes with a relatively long life span. Correct bone formation and skeletal growth are essential if the horse is to be successful as an athlete. Calcium and phosphorous are the two minerals required in greatest abundance for bone formation. Adequate calcium and phosphorous intake is especially important to the young horse because of rapid skeletal growth. The ratio of calcium to phosphorous should be between 1:1 and 2:1. The trace minerals are just as important for correct skeletal and muscle formation, but are required in much smaller amounts. These minerals include iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, potassium, manganese, sodium, cobalt, selenium and iodine. Trace minerals serve as catalysts for many of the biochemical reactions occurring in the body. Some of these minerals work in combination (e.g. iron and copper are important in oxygen transport). Mineral imbalances and/or deficiencies may result in decreased performance, reduced growth rate, depressed disease resistance and reduced reproduction and lactation. WHY FEED INSURE? Insure is a loose mineral formulated to be offered free choice to all classes of horses. Due to various feeding programs, agronomic practices and conditions under which horses are raised, a high quality mineral is recommended. Insure will complement any type of feeding program that you may use. The horse should consume 2 to 4 ounces per day of the mineral. No other source of free-choice salt should be available. Insure is guaranteed to contain not less than 0.5% protein, not less then 1.5% crude fat, not more than 2.0% crude fiber, not less than 12% calcium, and 12% phosphorous, and not more than 14% calcium. FEATURES AND BENEFITS The 1:1 CALCIUM – PHOSPHORUS RATIO Many horses may receive adequate calcium, but not receive the daily amount of phosphorus needed for optimal bone formation and energy for the metabolism. The 1:1 Calcium-Phosphorus Ratio in INSURE is the insurance your horse will not receive more phosphorus than calcium in the diet, a problem that may well exist with the high phosphorus and low or absent calcium supplements on the market. Remember that with calcium and phosphorus (both instrumental in correct growth and repair of bones, muscles, cartilage, and tendons, among other functions) the ratio between the two is as important as the levels of each individually. There always should be at least as much calcium in the diet as phosphorus (in other words 1:1 ratio). 12% CALCIUM AND PHOSPHORUS Horses receiving 2 ounces if INSURE 12/12 will receive at least 50% of their daily calcium and essentially 100% of their phosphorus requirement from INSURE alone. ELEVATED - ZINC, COPPER AND MANGANESE LEVELS Reports from university surveys and studies indicate that growing horses need approximately 80 ppm zinc, 30 ppm copper and 60 ppm manganese on a daily basis. INSURE is insurance that your horse will receive these vital trace minerals. CHEMICAL FORM of TRACE MINERALS The minerals in INSURE are in the carbonate or sulfate form. Minerals in these forms are much more available to the horse than those in the oxide form. Usually the trace minerals in a red salt block are in the oxide form because these blocks are designed for cattle.These blocks usually do not contain any calcium or phosphorus. MEAL FORM MINERAL Most of the minerals used in livestock feeding are inorganic substances which are not very palatable to most animals.Various ingredients including higher salt content and loose meal-like form make INSURE highly palatable and encourages a more consistent consumption. ELECTROLYTES / SWEAT Horse sweat is hypertonic. It has a higher concentration of electrolytes in it than blood. Both the level and duration of exercise can change the concentration of electrolytes in the sweat, as can environmental temperatures.Simply put, the more a horse sweats, the more he needs supplementation. It’s the minerals lost in sweat that need replacing, INSURE will help with this replacement and keep your horse in balance. DOD (DEVELOPMENTAL ORTHOPEDIC DISEASE) DOD is a term for bone and joint abnormalities in growing foals. There are no definite answers, as environment, genetics and other factors seem to play a role in DOD. From a nutritional standpoint, you can provide correct mineral support with INSURE. Calcium and phosphorus are the two macrominerals that have the biggest impact on growth. If both are not present in correct proportions, your youngster won’t be able to construct sound, dense, resilient bone. Simply put, no colt or filly can build correct new bone and muscle if the building blocks aren’t in his diet. COST EFFECTIVE For 10 to 30 cents per day INSURE will offer confidence that your horse is receiving a premium mineral to help him meet his requirements and balance out the variability in the roughage portion of his feed.
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