Tylan Soluble Powder 100gm

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Tylan Soluble Powder 100 gm

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Drug Name and Strength Tylosin (as tartrate) minimum 800 mg/g Quantity 100g Claim An aid in the prevention and treatment of chronic respiratory disease in broilers and replacement chickens, infectious sinusitis in turkeys and swine dysentery in pigs. For the prevention and control of ileitis in pigs. Contra-indications Medicated feed containing tylosin should not be administered at the same time as water medication. NOT TO BE USED in birds producing eggs for human consumption. Manufacturer Elanco http://www.infopest.com.au/extra/asp/infopest/nra/labels.asp?prodcode=40217&LabelType=L http://www.infopest.com.au/labels/msds/40000/40217msd.pdf

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