Kensington Haybag Slow Feed 4 Flake Red Plaid

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Kensington Haybag Slow Feed 4 Flake
Deluxe Red Plaid

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Product Category: Tack & Accessories, Other Miscelleaneous

Manufacturers: Kensington

Slow Feed Hay Bag 2 Flake Kensington’s new Slow Feed Hay Bag is designed to give your horse a more natural way of feeding. It is designed to slow down their intake of hay and prevent waste. This bag holds 2 large flakes of hay, great for use in a trailer or at events. Net is made of 1 1/2”x 1 1/2” poly squares to slow consumption which helps for digestion and overall health. Includes an adjustable strap. Item code: KSFB2
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