Natural Balance Steel Size 0 Hind Pair

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Natural Balance Steel Horse Shoes Size 0 Hind

SKU: 5108

Product Category: Farrier Supplies

Manufacturers: Anvil Brand

The Natural Balance® Shoe (NBS) addresses the bio-mechanical needs of the equine foot for support and protection in a domestic environment. This shoe offers the horse stability and protection that promotes optimal performance with minimal stress. The patented NBS design*, along with a few suggested hoof preparation guidelines, will help to properly orient the shoe to the coffin bone as well as help prevent hoof capsule distortion. When the hoof preparation and shoe placement guidelines are followed, improved foot function and health is often achieved, and hoof distortions that are often associated with common lameness issues are eliminated. The design for the Natural Balance Horseshoe is based on field research regarding the natural wear patterns of unshod wild horses. The Natural Balance Shoe rolled toe design and sole relief provide the proper bio-mechanics for a more natural, stressless foundation to improve performance and comfort. These shoes are made of forged steel.
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