Davis - Soaking Boot - size 2 Pink

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Davis - Soaking Boot - size 2 Pink

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Product Category: Farrier Supplies

Manufacturers: Davis

Davis - Soaking Boot

size 2

 The Davis Horse Boot is ideal for continuous soaking when conditions such as abscesses, thrush, puncture wounds and other aggravated foot conditions exist.

Each boot includes a therapeutic pad to draw medications and conditioning oils to the affected areas of the hoof without running or spilling.

The Davis Horse Boot also relieves pressure when signs of bruises, corns or cankers appear.

The soft pliable upper comforts the leg during use and closes tightly just below the fetlock.

The boot opens wide for easy on-off application.

Triple layer construction provides a cushioning effect for tender feet and protects during loading and transporting.

Measure toe to heel for sizing.



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