Farnam Quitt 3.75 #

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Farman Quitt 3.75 Pounds

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Product Category: Equine Supplements

Manufacturers: Farnam

Tired of painting and spraying? Worn out from repairing or replacing ruined fence rails and stall boards? Introducing the first feed supplement that STOPS chewing Guaranteed results in just 7 days* Feed supplement Highly palatable No more spraying, painting or costly repairs An effective new nutritional solution to a dangerous, destructive habit 24% of All Horses are Wood Chewers It affects all ages -- from young foals on up. Chewing is not only destructive to fences and stalls, but can damage a horse’s mouth and possibly lead to colic. A Main Cause of Chewing is a Lack of Nutrients Research indicates one of the main reasons horses chew wood is a nutritional deficiency. New Quitt® provides a combination of essential vitamins, micro and macro minerals and fatty acids to satisfy a horse’s nutritional requirements and eliminates the urge to chew. Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back In studies, over 90% of horses fed Quitt stopped chewing within a week. Farnam guarantees Quitt will stop your horse from chewing, too – or your money back. Quitt Will Not Harm Your Horse Quitt contains ingredients in a highly palatable alfalfa pellet that can be fed by itself or as a top dressing. As you feed Quitt, it’s recommended that damaged wood be replaced and your horse be regularly exercised. *May not be effective in the prevention of cribbing
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