Diamond Nail Nipper 10"

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Diamond Nail Nipper 10 Inch

SKU: 04312710175

Product Category: Farrier Supplies

Manufacturers: Anvil Brand

Horseshoe Nails nipper. Diamond Horseshoes has a good nail nipper.The diamond 10 inch nail nipper has an improved beveled cutting angle that provides better leverage. The handle length of 10" also assisting better leverage to cut the horseshoe nail. Diamond tools, now Cooper Tools, has a complete line of horseshoeing supplies, or farrier tools. They are one of the oldest horseshoeing supplies manufacturers in the world. This horse nail nipper was designed specifically for this task, unlike others designed to cut wire or other materials. Anvil Brand carries a full line of Diamond Horseshoes and Cooper tools. This is one of our best sellers with a great warranty.
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