Formula 707 Competition Essentials Training 3.75#

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Formula 707 Competition Essentials Training 3.75 Pound
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Manufacturers: Formula 707

Intensive pulmonary support for horses who give it everything they've got Use to maintain normal lung function and integrity During an intense performance your horse’s 20-pound heart will pump blood at the rate of five quarts per second. Its heart rate may rise above 250 beats per minute and its systolic blood pressure can exceed 300 mmHg. These numbers are all considered normal for an all-out competition, but they don’t come without a price. While the heart and the veins and arteries that ferry blood throughout the body are able to withstand this degree of punishment, the fragile capillaries responsible for oxygen/CO2 exchange within the lungs can often become stressed beyond the bursting point. Whenever this occurs, the horse suffers—breathing is compromised, lung tissue becomes scarred and performance drops off. Formula 707 Competition Essentials™ Training and Event Formulas were specifically developed to support and maintain your horse’s natural defenses against the ravages of intense competition while avoiding harmful side effects. These products contain no drugs, chemicals or artificial ingredients of any kind. They’re a synergistic pair of proprietary herbal formulas, both in a highly palatable flaxseed-meal base. Provide just two ounces per day of the Training Formula between competitions, then two ounces per day of the Event Formula, beginning two days prior to a competition. There is simply no better way to maintain the integrity of your horse’s cardiovascular system when his competitive edge—and your next paycheck—are on the line.
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