Grand Meadows Grand Digest 10#

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Grand Meadows - Grand Digest 10 Pound

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Product Category: Equine Supplements

Manufacturers: Grand Meadows

• Support and Protection to Reduce the Risk of Toxins • Helps to Maintain a Healthy Digestive Tract • Helps Maintain Healthy Levels of Gut Flora and Correct PH Levels • Detox 1. Binds and neutralizes mycotoxins and protects the stomach lining. • Enhance Absorption 2. Supports enzymatic action and increases nutrient absorption. • Improve Digestion 3. Maximizes bacterial digestion. Keeping your horse's digestive system in balance and healthy can be a challenge. Grand Digest is the solution to managing all three stages of digestion and the most comprehensive digestive product available.Grand Digest 3 Stages of Digestion Stomach – Grand Digest contains two key ingredients Toxynil Plus™ and Zeolites to help protect against the absorption of harmful toxins. Glutamine has been added to support the health and function of the delicate upper mucosal layer of the stomach that can be damaged when excessive levels of acid splash these tissues. Small Intestine – Grand Digest also supports the function of the small intestine where the vast majority of nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream. We have used Multizyme™, a comprehensive enzyme blend which support enzymatic breakdown of nutrients, and glutamine which is essential for the maintenance and growth of the important intestinal villi through which all the nutrients pass into the blood stream. Hindgut/Large Intestine - Grand Digest contains a combination of two powerful tools to support bacterial digestion. Aspergillus oryzae and Diamond V™ work synergistically to support the health of the beneficial flora which are vital to the immune system and the production of volatile fatty acids which are responsible for around 30% of a horse's energy. There is quite simply no other product that comes remotely close to Grand Digest in regard to its all encompassing approach to supporting the entire digestive process.Grand Digest Equine Digestion Tract There are a wide range of reasons why a horse may have behavior problems and because of this it has been difficult to find products that could help across a broad range of issues. Grand Calm uses a potent combination of ingredients and once again early reports are extremely positive. We have been particularly pleased hearing that Grand Calm had achieved results when other products have failed to help. The stability of most probiotics is very poor as they degrade rapidly when exposed to oxygen. Unless the probiotic is vacuum packed or nitrogen flushed, chances of any yeast being fully viable are quite small. Diamond V™ Prebiotic Yeast is a fully fermented, stable yeast culture with extensive studies on its positive effects on building the immune system, strengthening resistance and improving overall feed digestibility. Gut-Level Benefits: Diamond V™ Prebiotic Yeast works as a “prebiotic” food source, supplying a long list of enzymes that increases beneficial bacteria in the hindgut, resulting in improved fiber, protein digestion, and full utilization of all feedstuffs your horse ingests. Building the Immune Barrier: New, dramatic scientific evidence has shown that Diamond V™ Prebiotic Yeast increased efficiency of the immune system to perform at superior levels by improving the ratio of immune helper cells to suppressor cells.
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