FC Anti Fungal Shampoo 32oz

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First Companion Anti Fungal Shampoo 32 ounce

SKU: 09935500314

Product Category: Grooming Products

Manufacturers: First Companion Veterinary Products

First Companion Anti-Fungal Shampoo rinses easily and removes embedded fungal debris. Scurfy horses or horses with fungus will show visible improvementwhen bathed in First Companion Anti-Fungal Shampoo. First Companion Anti-Fungal Shampoo improves hair texture and enhances color. Residual activity shields the skin and deters occurrence of undesirable skin conditions. One wash with the product equals up to three with a regular shampoo. Very gentle and safe for sensitive horses. The noniodine base allows for daily use. For horses, foals and dogs. Not for human use. 32 ounces.

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