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KB Horseshoes has been making horseshoes for more than a decade, but our heritage in the horse business dates back nearly 60 years. Today KB is the provider of the smartest and most innovative corrective and preventative aluminum horseshoes you can buy. Aluminum, a relative newcomer in shoeing, is now being embraced by farriers across the country as a long-lasting, highly flexible, extremely effective option over steel shoes. KB Horseshoes is on the forefront of aluminum horseshoe design. Add to that, the people at KB Horseshoes are horse people. We speak your language. We understand your concerns. We’ve shared your experiences. In fact, every KB Horseshoe has been created in response to a need from the equestrian community. The result? A top of the line selection of aluminum horseshoes, each with its own thoughtfully designed features, from people who are serious about horseshoes. We invite you to explore KB Horseshoes here. And should you wish to speak to someone in person, please call us toll free at 877-977-4637

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